3275 Perry Dr. SW, Canton 44706

Petros Lake Loop Trail, 1.22 miles
This limestone trail loops around the 12-acre Petros Lake. Gold finches and bluebirds fly in the meadow while several wildflower plantings and wildlife food plots attract a variety of butterflies.

Bluebird Trail, .52 mile
This trail (near the Petros Pond Shelter) provides a scenic field setting with benches and is designated a "no mow" area for wildlife. Nest boxes along the trail are frequented by bluebirds and tree swallows as they feed on insects during flight.

Hickory Trail, .30 mile
Hardwood trees such as shagbark hickory, red oak, black oak, black cherry, and hawthorn create a canopy for hikers along this winding trail near the Petros Trail Shelter. During the fall, a few lucky trail-goers may even catch glimpses of white-tailed deer feeding on fallen crabapples.

Meadow Trail, .75 mile