Perry Dr., 12th St. NW, and Genoa Ave. in Perry Twp.

Sippo Marina Trail, .59 mile
Off of Perry Drive between 12th St. and West Tuscarawas. Turn west onto Tyner St. at the Sippo Lake Park sign. Hike up a hill through a deciduous forest and back down along the shoreline of Sippo Lake. In the spring, enjoy flowering dogwood trees and wildflowers such as mayapple, spring beauties, and jewelweed. In the fall marvel at the beautiful red oaks and maples.

Conservation and Lonesome Pine Trails, .99 mile
Observe the progression of blackberry thickets with gray dogwoods and cottonwood saplings in this open field. Continue into a forest with cherry, maple, oak, and pine trees that provided homes for a variety of birds and wildlife.

Cottonwood Trail, .63 mile
On the west side of Sippo Lake off of Genoa Ave. between 12th St. and West Tuscarawas. Following the edge of a wetland, this trail is perfect for hikers and bird watchers alike. It offers a wetland viewing-house where wood ducks, mallards, and green heron can be seen. Pockets of wildflowers along the trail include spring beauty, trout lilly, mayapple, and trillium.

Sippo Lake Trail, 1.01 miles
Off of 12th St. NW in Perry Township between Genoa Ave. and Perry Drive. Turn at the Exploration Gateway sign and follow the parkway to the first parking lot on the right.
This trail follows the contours of the land providing an aesthetic view of the 100 acre Sippo Lake. Several different habitats offer perfect viewing spots for yellow warblers, green herons, and butterflies. Numerous species of trees such as white oak, wild black cherry, and wetland dogwoods border the trail.

Woodland and Wetland Trails, 1.05 miles
This trail travels through wetlands, young woodlands, and a meadow. Waterfowl, muskrats, and several types of frogs (green, wood, and spring peepers) make their homes in the wetlands. Maturing cottonwood trees create a canopy as they border the trail in several places.

The Stark County Park District prohibits the use of motorized vehicles in this park and on its trails. Sections of trail may not be suitable for wheelchair access. Weather may impact the accessibility of trails, always use caution.