Hike-a-Hundred 2016

Join the award winning Friends of Stark Parks Hike-a-Hundred Club and be one of the proud who can say, “I hiked 100 in my Stark Parks in 2016!  Whether you want to lose weight, meet new friends, or simply get outside – join the club!  The season runs Jan. 1  to Dec. 31 with a goal to hike 100 miles on Stark Parks’ trails.  Complete the miles on your own, with a group, or at Stark Parks programs. 

The walking program was designed to (1) to provide an incentive program to encourage residents to walk (2) to showcase Stark Parks’ wide variety of trails and parks to walkers, (3) to create a corps of friendly walkers to serve as unofficial ambassadors for the park district, and (4) to provide a way for active people with similar interests to meet one another.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing club, you won't regret it!  You may hike 100 miles on your own, but remember they must be on Stark County Park District trails.  For directions and information about your SCPD parks and trails look under the “Explore the Parks” tab.  Remember to always be prepared when hiking by wearing comfortable hiking shoes, dressing for the weather, and drinking plenty of water.  Stark Parks’ trails are pet friendly, so grab a leash and head out with your pooch!

Curious about Hike-a-Hundred?  For more information call 330.409.8096.

Want to join the club?  2016 Membership Form  Complete and return to the Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake Park.  

Already a member?  Access club member information here


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